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...if we could get our workers to effectively resolve their own interpersonal conflicts before they assume managerial positions. 60 million “boomers” will leave the workforce by 2017, many of them vacating management positions to young employees who are not prepared to accept them. Conflict Management is a critical skill that must be mastered by those in leadership positions. Vandergriff Consulting Group has worked with many management intern programs, including those of the US General Services Administration, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Postal Service. We have presented to the Presidential Management Fellows Program for eleven years, coordinating all graduation training since 1999. 

In contrast (and to show range), we can relate to, and train employees in “blue collar” environments. A goal of our workshops is to elevate the employee to the managers’ level of skill in far fewer years than it may have taken the boss. The manager is rewarded as, with overall unit effectiveness in dealing with conflict improved, stress on all parties is reduced. 


For a list of training objectives, see “Develop Your Managers” on this website. Know that the objectives are similar, with content adjusted for nonmanagerial personnel. With the “live case” lab approach, it is automatic that the content is job-relevant. See “To Arrange for a Custom Seminar” for additional tailoring of content and presentation options.

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