Develop a Policy in the midst of a crisis? Unwise...

...Too many organizations start teams that have huge financial and reputational risks without attending to contingency planning.


We work with teams to build safeguards against destructive conflict.


Teams receive a three-for-one value with our unique training design.


First, all team members receive instruction on Michael Vandergriff’s “Surfing the Swamp®”

conflict tool. This module is essential to resolving dyadic conflict.

Next, this powerful tool is repositioned within a team context, with members developing explicit norms to screen out destructive behaviors. “What-if” analyses are conducted.


Finally, behavioral styles are assessed and mapped as a team. Potential sources of discord are illuminated on the “map.”


Tools and tips to compensate with challenging mixes are then taught. Additional norms may also be added at this time.


Team members then sign their group-generated product in a public show of commitment.

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