Managers need help...

...Employers report that 50% of their workers lack initiative to learn new workplace tools and techniques, 40% don’t work well on teams, and only 19% of new hires have enough self-discipline to get the job done.
(source: Working with Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman)

Michael Vandergriff’s
Surfing the Swamp®
session delivers on desirable training goals.
Participants will learn to:

  • Know their chances
    of resolving a conflict (80%, 50%, 40%, and 10%)
  • Reduce their anger.
  • Prepare for what the other party might say.

  • Develop confidence
  • they have done all you can do to resolve the conflict.

  • Enhance intuitive skills,
  • and, thereby, awareness of impending conflicts.

  • Reduce stress
  •  as conflict issues are objectified.

  • Minimize conflict aftermath,
  • increasing chances for “Win-Win” results.

  • Save resources.
  • Resolve conflict at the lowest possible level.

  • Build their reputation
  •  as an individual who is “cool under fire.”


Tools, techniques and prescriptions are delivered in the morning;practice with “real world” worksheets fills the afternoon.

The format for the training day is lecture/lab.

Michael Vandergriff

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What our customers are say about
Surfing the Swamp

Excellent presentation. World class instructor-trainer. Interesting and very relevant.

Practical applications. Enjoyed group work. This is an area that I need to work on.

Wow! What a super job! I have never had the opportunity to work on conflict resolution/management. Michael’s “Surfing the Swamp” is very informative and has provided the most take-aways so far. Flawless job Michael. I learned an awful lot. Great tool.

Very professional and great examples. Instructor can show how to apply to real world.

A world-class facilitator. Excellent examples that provide real world experiences. Cannot say enough of my impressions with him and his capabilities. I applaud your efforts in securing him and his efforts in presentation.

Cannot survive without the skills taught in this class.

Excellent. Mike was a very effective, excellent speaker. He planted a “seed.” It made you think we could stay out of the swamp as a manager. The key is managing conflict and not getting “anchored” in the swamp.

(Gave sixes on five-point scale) Excellent class — could have listened more. How about three sessions? Very important to managers.

Great speaker on a tough subject. His tool is simple yet effective... if one can follow it without losing control. He needs to be a standard speaker in every seminar. Definitely keep him as a primary presenter.

OK, I buy in but how do I get others to buy in? DYNAMIC, FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE!!!

Excellent; very relative to what goes on in the workplace — a lot of information to absorb — most interactive session yet!!! Very good speaker — excellent presenta-tion/graphics — Powerful — Clone him for other classes.

Do we all experience conflict? Yes & yes again! Was this class needed? Yes! Yes! Did Mike give us great tools? Yes!

Perhaps the most valuable content, in the workplace and outside of it. This material could save our lives.

This presentation is a new level in education in helping me do my job.

Very useful training and very well-presented. Michael kept the class interesting and interactive. This goes on my best training list. Michael gets a gold star.

One of the finest... correction, the finest speaker on management topics I’ve ever seen.

Probably best presenter so far. Material is superior. Meets criteria for a TOOL—not a philosophy, a method.

Doesn’t get any better.

The absolute best!

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