When team members care about their work...

...they will sometimes fight. All teams, no matter how good they are, can fall into trouble. The critical factors impinging on the ability to fix the team are how far they have fallen (issues), how long they have been embroiled (time) in discord, and the skill level of the facilitator.


Michael Vandergriff first trains the team on conflict issues, delivering his unique

Surfing the Swamp® conflict tool.


Participants hear insights and prescriptions that are based upon his twenty-seven years of experience training and facilitating on this aspect of work life.

Concurrence on these universal ground rules is established for the team. Once a behavioral floor is developed and accepted, members generate listings of their concerns.


These lists are merged and prioritized in a unique way and then each concern is guided toward concrete,

long-term “fixes.”



Michael Vandergriff has created a short assessment to determine if the team’s conflicts are resolvable. This assessment, in concert with a discussion with Michael, will quickly deliver insights into the chances of repairing the team.

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